RVNAhealth Sponsor Spotlight

Reliance Merchant Services, Reli-Bid and Mary Kate Gobleck…..

Good Things Come in Threes!

Part of what makes it possible for RVNA to enrich the lives of the communities and individuals we serve every day is the strength of our supporters, sponsors, and partner relationships. Beyond their financial contributions, it is their gifts of time and expertise that truly make a difference. Reliance Merchant Services and its subsidiary, Reli-Bid LLC, are certainly no exceptions.

Founded in 2004, Reliance Merchant Services provides credit and debit card processing to businesses of all sizes in Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven counties and beyond.  It’s subsidiary, Reli-Bid, offers event and fundraising packages for non-profit organizations like RVNA. Auction management, ticket sales, on-sight payment processing, and a mobile bidding platform are all part of the offerings designed to increase revenues at fundraising events.

A long-time client of Reliance Merchant Services, RVNAhealth will be using Reli-Bid at our upcoming Autumn Dinner on September 15th.  This year’s event returns to Silver Spring Country Club and will build upon the fun and success of the 2017 dinner with a casual feel and organic theme, plus the added bonus of mobile bidding! A mix of contemporary and traditional bidding and payment options will be available to guests, with Reli-Bid facilitating the whole process.

“Reliance Merchant Services President Mary Kate Gobleck is deeply committed to her community and feels very strongly about giving back with time and charity,” says MJ Heller, RVNAhealth Director of Philanthropy.  “Her commemorative bench, a contribution made in support of our capital campaign, honors her parents and is situated on the pathway that winds around RVNAhealth’s headquarters on Governor Street – a testament to her personal philanthropy.”

Gobleck volunteers on RVNA’s Development Committee and was a mastermind in the creation of our Governor Society, an opportunity for loyal business donors to structure their annual contributions in a way that is particularly meaningful to them as individuals and naturally aligned with their business offerings.  Gobleck has served up drinks to benefit RVNAhealth at RVNAhealth’s Celebrity Bartender Night, hosted by Gallo Ristorante, and has frequently hosted a table of personal guests at RVNA’s annual Spring Breakfast fundraising event.

“We’re grateful to Mary Kate for her assistance to ensure the success of our Autumn Dinner and her generosity to RVNAhealth as a whole,” adds Heller. “It’s difficult to describe just how much dedicated supporters like her mean to the fulfillment of our mission.”

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