Que Sera Sera: RVNAhealth Hosts Concert at Wilton Meadows

The power of music is not a secret.  It can evoke emotion, rewaken memories, elevate mood, transport one to another place and time.  And, of course, music can entertain and bring people together. 

Or it can do all of the above – as happened on Thursday afternoon, October 15, when RVNAhealth hosted an autumn concert at Wilton Meadows for their hospice patients and families.  “With the weather still fair,” said Lauren Messina, RN (above at right), who organized the special event, “we were looking for a fun way to spend time together outside with our patients and their families and friends.  Music was the obvious answer.”

At the microphone and ‘working the room’ was Sherrye Platt, MA, MT-BC, RVNAhealth music therapist (above at left, and at microphone in group shot), who enjoyed the opportunity to turn up the volume and belt it out (from behind a mask) for pure pleasure. “As a music therapist,” explains Platt, “my work is wonderfully rewarding — very individual-centered and clinically- and evidence-based.  It’s a very special offering for our hospice patients, and for me, it’s serious and important. This concert, however, was all about having fun on a glorious afternoon!”

Featuring such musical treasures as Que Sera Sera, Let It Be, and Has Anybody Seen My Gal?, the event allowed patients and families — who have had limited opportunity for in-person contact since the pandemic arrived — to enjoy time together in a very special way.  It also enabled hospice families, whose loved ones reside in a Wilton Meadows wing together, to meet and mingle with each other. RVNAhealth offered cozy fleece blankets for warmth and Messina’s daughters, Gabriella, Alexandra, and Julianna, created hand-decorated treat bags for the guests.

The concert lasted for about an hour and the RVNAhealth team and Wilton Meadows are looking forward to an encore. “It was a special treat for all involved,” said Ellen Casey, Administrator at Wilton Meadows. “Our residents were truly transfixed by the songs and it was lovely to see the smiles at the end.  Next time, we’ll come prepared with requests.”

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