Pumping Gas with April Rodriguez

Daily Living with RVNAhealth offers glimpses into the daily and household processes of RVNAhealth clinical team members during the coronavirus. While many of us were unprepared for the level of caution and circumspection the virus would introduce into our daily lives, our nurses and clinicians were clearly ready to go. Their education, steeped in the practices, repetition and criticality of infection control, gave them a head start. Please enjoy and learn a thing or two, but don’t be daunted. Not even the CDC can keep up with these experts.

Once you get used to it, it’s really quite easy…

By April Rodriguez, RN

  • Pull into gas station
  • Use hand sanitizer before putting gloves on
  • Remove debit/credit card from wallet to pay
  • Put card in pocket
  • Put on 2 pairs of gloves
  • Exit the vehicle
  • Pump gas
  • When done, remove one pair of gloves and throw away (to avoid contaminating my clothing)
  • Remove debit/credit card from pocket and pay
  • Replace gas cap and get in car
  • Use sanitizer on top of remaining gloves and rub on debit/credit card
  • Remove gloves inside out — place in garbage bag in my car
  • Put card back in my wallet
  • Use sanitizer on hands
  • Now I am ready to go!

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