Point, Click and SHARE! Photos From an RVNAhealth Travel Client

The Taj Mahal

It’s always a treat to hear about the places that RVNAhealth Travel Services clients are off to… and even more fun when clients return and share their travel stories — and photos!

In July 2019, Melanie Frenkel visited us in preparation for a business trip to India, with her employer. While excited about traveling around the globe to experience a culture that’s very different from the U.S., she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I was definitely nervous about going,” she says, “but the information that I received from the Travel Health nurse, April Rodriguez, RN, went a long way toward calming me down!”

In addition to administering any recommended vaccines, our Travel Health nurses provide advice on topics including foods and beverages to avoid; traveling with medications; and how to protect yourself from mosquito- and tick-borne diseases.

Melanie chose RVNAhealth on the recommendation of her manager – who visited us in 2018 prior to her own work trip to India.

“I have since recommended RVNAhealth to additional colleagues who have also had business trips in India,” she adds.

Below, enjoy photos from Melanie’s trip, which brought her to New Delhi and Mumbai, and included time to visit the Taj Mahal. Which she proclaimed to be ”AMAZING!”

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