Now That’s Aromatherapy!

It’s not every day you find a group of colonial women abuzz in your kitchen, but we had that pleasure today at RVNAhealth as Keeler Tavern volunteers took hold of the RVNAhealth Teaching Kitchen for their annual making of the Cranberry Chutney. What a treat!

The team was preparing the Chutney for their annual Keeler Tavern fundraiser, in which they sell 10 oz. containers — measured carefully and competently — for $10 apiece to benefit Keeler Tavern Museum. The Chutneys will be available at the Keeler Tavern Holiday Boutique later this week.

If aroma is any indicator, this Cranberry Chutney is a worth a trip!

The colonial cooks traditionally use the Meals on Wheels of Ridgefield kitchen for their chutney-prep, but with that space presently under renovation, RVNAhealth was the lucky alternative host. The ample kitchen allowed for spacious workstations and proper distancing for the endeavor.

Good luck with your sales, colonists, and you’re welcome back to our kitchen any time!

Photos: Top, left to right: Barbara Cmiel, Susan McGourthy, Phyllis Robertson, and Connie Fenton; Below, left to right: Felicia Paduano, The Keeler Tavern Museum, Cheryl Crowl on measurement duty.

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