Not Everybody Likes a Pop Quiz …

Not everybody likes a pop quiz, right?

On the morning of Wednesday, September 19, RVNA had a surprise visitor at our HomeCare by RVNA doors: the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP). Stopping by for a random audit.

While not every agency is happy to see the DCP — just ask the auditors — RVNAhealth welcomed them with open arms. “We have confidence in our systems and processes,” says Theresa Santoro, RVNAhealth President and CEO, “and we’re always looking to refine and improve. If the DCP auditors can help us do that, even better.”

The two auditors, a special investigator and an inspection aide, stayed on site for approximately three hours, reviewing client care records, personnel files, human resources processes, billing samples, our client service agreement, and contracts. The DCP’s assessment: RVNAhealth passed with flying colors.

“RVNAhealth prides ourselves on the rigor and excellence of our processes, hiring, and service,” says Santoro, “So getting great marks from a ‘governing body’ who reviews the entire non-medical community is especially meaningful. We’re proud to share the news and look forward to their next random visit.”

Not everybody likes a pop quiz …. but RVNAhealth does.

To learn more, call 203-438-5555.

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