RVNAhealth Introduces Homecare Homebase as Agency-Wide Electronic Medical Record

On Wednesday, April 25, RVNAhealth implemented Homecare Homebase as our agency-wide electronic medical record. Homecare Homebase (HCHB) is the premier electronic medical record (EMR) in the field, lauded by health care agencies and clinicians for its power, flexibility, customizability and service to the patient.

“We are all extremely energized by the introduction of Homecare Homebase,” says John Apinis, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing Services, whose team of skilled nurses will be using the system beginning today —along with all other in-home RVNAhealth therapists and clinicians — following considerable training. “This represents a major investment by RVNAhealth with two simple goals: enhancing and delivering the most precise and effective patient care possible in accordance with prescribed guidelines, and creating an environment where our clinicians can focus their expertise and attention on their patients, not their paperwork.”

Apinis is part of the agency-wide team that has worked for several months preparing for the implementation. “Homecare Homebase is simply the best EMR in the field,” says Apinis, “and we have worked meticulously to anticipate needs, conditions and situations so that our transition is as seamless as possible.”

Some benefits of Homecare Homebase include:
* Easy access to comprehensive patient data — including physician’s notes and medication records.
* Direct mapping to a patient’s custom care plan and pathway to guide consistent, standardized, outcomes-driven care that responds to and reflects the evolving healthcare landscape and guidelines.
* Ease of operational burdens, so RVNAhealth clinicians and staff can focus their attention on their patients and the care they deliver.

“We’ve been working toward this implementation since early January,” says Apinis, “and we are ready and excited to go live.  RVNA’s commitment is, and always will be, to enhanced patient care, better outcomes, healthier and more comfortable patients, and smart, effective, efficient operations. Homecare Homebase allows us to address all of these goals.”

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