Have You Seen Us? Thank You to Fairfield County Bank for the Billboard Space!

Thank you to Fairfield County Bank for donation of their billboard space to RVNAhealth

Thank you to Fairfield County Bank for generously donating time on their billboard space again. Next time you are traveling on I95 South past Norwalk, be sure to look up!  The Bank has been a loyal supporter of RVNAhealth for more than 25 years. Use of this billboard is another example of the many ways in which the Bank partners with RVNAhealth to support and help expand our services in the region.

RVNAhealth’s success has been gratefully supported over the years by the steadfast assistance by Fairfield County Bank, its dedicated staff, and board members. From financial services, insurance, and investments to invaluable counsel, guidance, and tireless volunteer efforts, Fairfield County Bank’s influence on RVNAhealth has been beyond measure. They are genuine allies and collaborators of our organization, and we deeply appreciate their unwavering dedication to our support of the well-being of the communities we serve.

Thank you Fairfield County Bank!

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