Have You Seen Us on TV?

That’s right!  RVNAhealth has hit the big screen. Okay…maybe not the movie screen…but we are excited to announce our new advertising presence on cable TV and streaming services across our served area. At the end of October, we released service-specific commercials to advertise our home health, hospice, and personal caregiving services. Maybe you’ve seen us already?

Our commercials will be shared over 16,000 times per month through streaming services and nearly 350 times per month through live TV.  Some of the top network channels you may see us on include Food Network, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, Travel Channel, AMC, CNBC and more. Our commercials will also be shown during UCONN Women’s basketball games on ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, and SNY.

With over 75% of our geographic service area targeted with these commercials, we hope that you will get a chance to “see” us! And if you do – please let us know what you think!

In the meantime, we are pleased to share our new home health commercial with you here. Happy viewing!

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