Glove-Wearing by the General Public

It is a common sight these days to find people out for essential errands wearing disposable gloves.  Disposable gloves are currently in high demand from the general public.  This is exacerbating an urgent shortage in the medical community.  The CDC has not made a recommendation for glove-wearing by the general public, with the exception for those caring for individuals diagnosed with COVID-19.  Hand washing and sanitizing remain, for the general public, some of best defenses against surface contact risk. 

Doctors warn that gloves may actually hurt by providing a dangerous and false sense of security.  While wearing gloves, people are still at risk of touching their face, a common way for COVID-19 to spread.  Additionally, common latex gloves are not intended for normal daily activities and can rip easily without notice.  People are also very prone to taking disposable gloves off to use their phone or grab a personal item in a bag, and then put the glove back on.  This is a big no-no. 

Once a disposable glove is taken off, it must be disposed of immediately.  And, speaking of glove removal, the CDC provides important guidance on proper removal of gloves to avoid contact with any possible contaminants a glove may have come in contact with. Their recommendation ends with washing hands thoroughly after disposing the gloves.

With the continued shortage of personal protective equipment nationwide, RVNAhealth encourages the public to follow current CDC recommendations for protection against COVID-19.  We also continue our call for donations of personal protective equipment, including gloves.  Please contact RVNAhealth at 203-438-5555 or contact Community Health Nurse Manager, April Rodriguez, RN for any donations or questions.

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