Feed Your Heart Right

RVNA’s New Nutrition Class Can Show You How

Did you know that making a few diet and lifestyle changes might radically improve your heart health? What’s more, those healthy adjustments can have a trickle-down effect and improve wellness throughout your body. While it might be hard to believe that small improvements can have a big impact, it’s true.

Knowing that you should make healthy changes to your diet is one thing.  Knowing what those changes should be is another.  That’s where RVNAhealth comes in! Beginning on Tuesday, March 6, RVNA’s Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator, Meg Whitbeck, MS, RDN, will host “Feed Your Heart,” a 4-week nutrition class devoted to eating for a healthy heart.

“Many people don’t realize that a few diet and lifestyle changes can significantly improve their heart health and boost their overall wellness,” says Whitbeck.

“Feed Your Heart” will allow participants to explore different diet strategies that are used to treat or prevent heart disease, and determine which approach is best for them. The program combines food demonstrations, tastings, recipes, and additional resources so attendees will be armed with the tools they need to succeed at home.

“Participants should come ready to get pumped about feeding their hearts – and their whole body – right,” says Whitbeck.

“Feed Your Heart” will be held on Tuesdays, March 6 through March 27, from 11:30 am to 1 pm, in the RVNAhealth teaching kitchen, 27 Governor Street, Ridgefield.  The program costs $109 for all four classes, and includes all recipes, tastings, and additional resources. Pre-registration and payment are required. For more information, call 203-438-5555.

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