Dr. Steven Phillips, Lyme Expert, at RVNA

Many thanks to Dr. Steven Phillips (here with a former patient) for sharing two hours of very valuable information on Lyme disease to a rapt audience at RVNAhealth last Thursday, September 20.  Attendees travelled from as far as Northern New Jersey, Long Island, and even Germany to hear and meet Dr. Phillips at Lyme: News You Need to Know.*

Dr. Phillips, a noted tick-borne illnesses expert (i.e. rock star), has practiced in the field for decades and is currently conducting promising research and study. In addition to providing clinical insights and pragmatic direction, Dr. Phillips offered many instances of wisdom and humor. One of our favorite quotes: “Sometimes you have to forget everything you learned to find something novel.”

Thank you, Dr. Phillips, for your brilliance and hope and thank you to Karen Gaudian. Lyme Connection, and the Town of Ridgefield for partnering on this important event.

*Note:  Our German guest was in the area for only two days, seeking treatment for Lyme Disease. She had arrived the day prior and was leaving the day after, and felt truly fortunate to coincide with Dr. Phillips’ Lyme presentation. He is world renowned.

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