Happy Caregiver Appreciation Week

As the finale to Caregiver Appreciation Week, the RVNAhealth StayWELL team hosted a celebration table on Wednesday 6/24 with gift bags for caregivers and an on-the-go breakfast to start the day. Our cherished caregivers stopped by to say hello, receive their recognitions, and spend some time with the team. While masks were worn by all, caregivers kindly removed them for photos (when distancing allowed) to smile for the camera. Those caregivers who were not able to come to RVNAhealth will get special in-person deliveries in the upcoming days.

The RVNAhealth StayWELL caregiving team — over 150 strong — is a group of exceptional individuals who bring pride and kindness to their work and clients — every hour and every day.

PS. In case you were wondering, the gorgeous balloon ‘pillars’ were created by Dilcy Rosario-Torres, StayWELL’s Client Services Supervisor. Talk about multi-talented!

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