Bad Weather? Unexpected Meeting? No Car?…No Problem for Your Rehab!

If we learned two things from the pandemic, it’s the importance of accommodation and flexibility. We all have busy and complex schedules which can make in-person healthcare appointments difficult – especially if they are only offered during work hours. During the pandemic, many practitioners adapted creative ways to still see patients out of necessity. It is these alternative appointment options, such as telehealth visits and extended hours, that keep many of us healthier today – even in a post-pandemic world!

According to the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Journal, telehealth, especially for physical therapy, has worked wonders for patients. Gone are the days when you would have to cancel an appointment due to weather challenges, not having a ride to your appointment, or other obstacles preventing you from receiving care. Telehealth appointments have allowed patients to have quicker access to care and have allowed practitioners to treat patients within a larger radius of the office.

Research shows that, on average, patients travel about 34 minutes for a healthcare appointment and, as a result, spend 90 fewer minutes working on appointment days. This can be a burden to some, especially if a practitioner recommends multiple appointments. The addition of telehealth and extended hours not only eliminates these obstacles but can improve a patient’s health outcomes without negatively affecting the quality of care received.

RVNAhealth’s Rehabilitation and Wellness Center offers extended hours Monday through Thursday (open from 8:20 am to 7:00 pm) as well as telehealth and hybrid (both in-person and telehealth) options to help you get well regardless of scheduling obstacles. To schedule an appointment or inquire about therapy services, please call: 203.438.7862 or email:

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