When Assistance is Needed, but Medical Care Might Not Be

With more and more seniors choosing to live at home in their later years, the logical question is how they can do so safely. Many will need medical care – such as nursing and rehabilitation therapies provided by RVNAhealth — at some point as they age. But what about the people who don’t need medical intervention, but do need help with the tasks of daily life? That’s where RVNAhealth comes in.

RVNAhealth offers caregiver services to seniors at home, improving their safety and comfort, while giving their families peace of mind.  Aide services run the gamut from simple companionship and errands to light housekeeping, meal preparation, dressing, and medication reminders.  RVNAhealth can provide whatever level of service and for whatever duration of time a client needs – whether it’s a few hours a week, full-time, or live-in care.  Family members can also benefit from these services.  People who are caring for their elderly parents or relatives can turn to RVNAhealth for respite, allowing them to take time for themselves to go to work, attend an event, or even take a vacation. And, unlike medical care, these services do not require a doctor’s prescription.

RVNAhealth allows seniors and families to take advantage of what they need now, and increase care as their needs increase.  And, with a nurse manager on staff providing supervision, the organization is able to determine if and when medical care might also be appropriate.

When navigating the array of services available to seniors, it can be difficult to determine what’s covered by insurance and what isn’t. Care that is medically necessary is usually covered by insurance, including  Medicare; aide services are typically not covered by insurance and are privately paid by the client. Caregiver services provided by an approved home care agency may qualify for reimbursement through a client’s long-term care insurance policy.

RVNAhealth provides the full spectrum of services that seniors may need.  Together, the organizations are a vital part of the plan of care for the elderly in our community. To learn more about how RVNAhealth might help you or a loved one, contact us at 203-894-5000

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