Another Day. Another Wish Granted by RVNAhealth.

In a recent conversation with her nurses, RVNAhealth chronic care patient, Ms. T from Bethel, CT, expressed her desire for a “good seafood meal.” Rightfully so! Her musings did not go unnoticed. Ms. T’s RVNAhealth team, who hold this 99-year-old patient dear, were delighted to hear of her hankering. Typically, Ms. T has trouble tasting foods and gets little enjoyment out of eating.

Before the craving passed, the team sprung into action and the truly wonderful Danielle Niesz, LPN, hand-delivered a special meal — delicacies from the sea (fried scallops to be precise), plus a slice of cheesecake for dessert, all made possible by the support of loyal RVNAhealth donors and the culinary talent of Whitlock’s Restaurant in Bethel.

Bon Appetit, Ms. T, and so many thanks to Olivia DoVale, RN, BSN; Danielle Niesz, LPN — and the special team who heard, listened, and delivered!


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