Ancona’s Wines & Liquor: Quality, Community, Collegiality

Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services, RVNAhealth Board of Directors Vice-Chair Marcie Coffin and Mitch Ancona in the Teaching Kitchen.

Above: Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services, RVNAhealth Board of Directors Vice-Chair Marcie Coffin and Mitch Ancona in the Teaching Kitchen.

Ancona’s Wine & Liquors has been intricately woven into the fabric of the Ridgefield community since its opening in 1933. In the years since, it has built a loyal clientele not only because of the quality of their products and services, but also because of the family behind the business and their genuine connections with neighboring organizations, particularly those who enhance the community.

It was at the ripe age of thirteen that Mitch Ancona began working in the store. His immediate responsibilities included sorting beer empties, dusting wine bottles, and taking out the garbage. “My father stressed the importance of learning every aspect of the business,” says Mitch Ancona, “including the less glamorous ones.” It is this mindset and work ethic that led to Ancona’s continued expansion.

As the business continues to grow, so does Mitch Ancona’s sense of community. He is a proud supporter of several local charities—RVNAhealth being one of the beneficiaries of his generosity. The Ancona family has personally contributed to RVNAhealth since the late 90s. In 2016, Ancona’s Wine & Liquors joined the Governor Society, adding the ‘Wine Pull’ to the Autumn Dinner and continuing their legacy of philanthropy.

“RVNAhealth always brings their ‘A’ game and shows up, whether it be in patient care or bringing their enthusiasm and spirit to the Branchville Bocce Tournament,” says Mitch Ancona. “It is an honor to follow in my family’s footsteps by continuing to support the great work of RVNAhealth. My grandfather’s philanthropic ambitions were passed to my father, who taught me the value of giving back to the community. We source and collaborate with neighboring businesses and charities as much as possible.”

Ancona’s Wine & Liquors gives back in both time and resources and it has a meaningful impact on the individuals and organizations in town. “It’s folks like Mitch that make our community the spectacular place that it is. And, we are incredibly grateful,” says Theresa Santoro, President and CEO of RVNAhealth. “When I think of Mitch Ancona, I think of community spirit, family centered, giving back and showing support and gratitude. We appreciate his philanthropic, hands-on approach in helping local charities, like RVNAhealth, continue to carry out their mission. Whether it’s direct support, the Branchville Bocce Tournament or Ancona Giveback Days, RVNAhealth, alongside other local nonprofits, are deeply appreciative to be a recipient of the Ancona family’s generosity.”

Today, the business with such humble beginnings boasts three stores, as well as wine curating and private event services. The Anconas planted their roots in Ridgefield and have truly flourished. RVNAhealth, and many other organizations, are fortunate to be neighbors with a family that is so deeply invested in the community they call home.

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