An Ode to RVNAhealth

It’s not everyday someone writes a ❤️ poem for you!

Nick Wolf of Danbury, CT received his Covid vaccine with RVNAhealth earlier this year. He was so impressed with RVNAhealth’s vaccine program, nurses, and staff that he penned An Ode to RVNAhealth!

Nick is seen here with RVNAhealth’s BeWELL Program Coordinator, Stephanie Collins, who was and still is key to helping get our communities throughout Connecticut vaccinated.


An Ode to RVNAhealth

I got my shots nine miles from home;
That’s really not that far.
And were the crew well-organized?
I say they were, and “R.”

The people whom I dealt with there,
They did all right by me.
And would I recommend them now?
Do geese fly by in a “V”?

To rate the whole experience,
I’d give a “9” or “10.”
Were there unpleasant side effects?
I checked the box marked “N.”

But now it’s time to wrap things up.
In conclusion, let me say
That if I were a teacher,
I would give this group an “A.”

                                    ~ Nick Wolf 

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