A Man and His Prostate

It’s Not a Laughing Matter… Or is it?

We’ve all heard laughter is the best medicine. That’s patently clear in “A Man and His Prostate,” a one-man show starring Ed Asner that chronicles the true story of a man (in this case, the playwright himself, Ed Weinberger) who has a prostate attack and emergency surgery while on vacation in Italy. Much of the humor comes from the main character’s need to pantomime his very personal symptoms to a doctor who didn’t speak English. The rest comes from Asner’s inimitable characterization of a curmudgeon who isn’t about to take this lying down.

All kidding aside, the startling reality behind the comedy is that, other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men, with a man dying from the disease in the U.S. every 16 minutes. While a sense of humor and positive attitude are important when facing any serious health concern, it’s even more important to be an active and informed participant in your own healthcare.

“You are your own best advocate,” says RVNAhealth Director of Nursing Services, John Apinis. “Particularly as we get older, it’s critical to pay attention to our health, have regular check-ups, and speak up when something doesn’t seem right. This is the single best thing you can do to prevent conditions from becoming too serious before they’re caught,” he adds.

While A Man and His Prostate takes a comedic approach, serious realities are woven in, including a tribute to well-known men who have suffered from the disease. The play seeks to strip away the embarrassment of talking about the issue and remind men and their loved ones that getting screened isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

For more information or tickets, visit the Ridgefield Playhouse. 

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