Hospice by RVNA Team Trains in Mind-Body Medicine

In early May, Hospice by RVNA team members Ashley Hicks-Kiefer, LCSW and Betty Avery, RN, BSN spent four days at Ann’s Place in Danbury attending professional training in Mind-Body Medicine.

They met and worked with leaders in the integrative medicine field as well as 100 colleagues from all over the world. In addition to experiential exercises in large groups, Hicks and Avery participated in eight Mind-Body Skills groups where they learned mind-body techniques — such as meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, working with drawings, breathing, movement — to develop self awareness and increase engagement in self-care.

Hicks, Hospice Social Worker, and Avery, Hospice Case Manager and Nurse, will introduce and share these techniques with their RVNAhealth Hospice patients as part of the care and attention they bestow.

Hospice by RVNA is currently achieving certification in the state of Connecticut and is expecting full certification in the next several months.

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