10 Points for Caregiving. 10 Points for Style.

Bonnets that Christine Burnett made for RVNAhealth nurses to protect their hair during COVID-19 hang on a coat stand in our lobby. To the right is a photo of Christine at her sewing machine.

RVNAhealth caregivers and clinicians bring joy to their patients in many ways. Through excellent care, kind words, taking time to truly listen, and now … with a pleasing dose of style, thanks to Christine Burnett and her fashion accomplice – her sewing machine.

Christine (a close family friend of Melissa Woodhouse, RVNAhealth Director of StayWELL Services) single-handedly created dozens of bonnets for our team to help protect and cover their hair while working. The bonnets are not only highly-functional, they are darling.  And reversible! 

Here are three of our favorites – hanging alongside the nurse’s cloak and glove display in the RVNAhealth lobby, relics of a bygone era.  When all is said and done, and these bonnets have done their jobs, perhaps they too will become part of the permanent RVNAhealth collection – an apt reflection of this most unusual time.

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