EHR (Electronic Health Record) & Education Specialist

Hometown: Woodbridge, NJ

About yourself:  I love traveling, visiting museums, and trying different dishes. As a family-oriented person, nothing brings me more joy and happiness than spending time and making memories with my family.

Why and when did you choose your profession? I wanted to be in the health field because I love helping people. I get instant gratification knowing that I changed or positively affected someone’s life, whether that is in the office or in the field.

What are you focused on now as a result of COVID-19? With so many changes due to COVID-19, I am currently focusing on developing and implementing visits and forms within the electronic health record system, and training and educating clinicians on their field devices. I am also responsible for developing tools to enhance the clinicians’ efficiency and understanding of EHR documentation.

Every day, the teams’ needs change based on clinical decisions, so my focus will depend on their needs as well as the needs of patients and their families.