Geoffrey Reneau

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards - Geoffrey


Hometown: Danbury, CT

“We feel blessed to have Jeffrey here every Tuesday and Thursday. He is so calm, a great listener, keeps Roy clean and well fed, does his laundry (when I didn’t even ask), gently coaxes him to take meds. They take walks together, weather permitting, And I feel so secure taking time for myself when he is here with Roy. Roy is always pleased to see Jeffrey at the door. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.” – Family member, S.W., Ridgefield





Bea MaJubana

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards - Bea


Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

“Bea is a super-positive and fun-loving aide! The minute she enters the door, we are greeted with a smile and great enthusiasm. I believe she is just a happy person who truly cares about others. She is also very conscientious and really wants to do her job successfully. Bea is also such a quick learner! Honestly, I’ve only gone over things once and she just gets it. Mom has really taken a liking to her and I can only expect their special bond to grow. So, I am proudly nominating Bea for the wonderful human being she is!! Thank you all” – Family member, Paula Dayton, Newtown





Leila Teelucksingh

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards - Leila


Hometown: Brewster, NY

“I nominate Leila for being a stellar employee to the agency and wonderful caregiver to her clients. She has a natural ability to put her clients at ease wherever she goes.” – RVNAhealth Supervisor, Jessica Spears





Tiffani Russo

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards - Tiffani


Hometown: Danbury CT

“The support and care Tiffani provides our mother has been invaluable. Among the many ways Tiffani impacts our mother’s life is how she motivates her to keep up with her physical exercises, helping her memory by working with puzzles and workbooks, she gives her confidence to leave the house and accompany her with shopping and errands. She’s a genuinely kind and caring person with whom my parents are very comfortable and someone we trust implicitly. Always offering to help with laundry or daily tasks, assisting my mother at the doctor’s office. We have seen amazing improvements in my mother since Tiffani has been assisting her, we are eternally grateful to RVNAhealth for providing such an aid who is consistently going above and beyond.” – Family member, Michelle M. Ridgefield





Agnes Uvanga

Agnes U - StayingWELL Above & Beyond Caregivers


Hometown: New Milford, CT

“The office staff and I would like to nominate Agnes for her help with a particular client in the Kent area. Agnes allowed us to rearrange her schedule, made sacrifices with her school schedule and committed to daily visits based on the Client’s needs despite the complexities of the case. She went above and beyond by being there for the Client even though it was not necessarily ideal for her schedule because the Client became very attached to her and had a true need.” – RVNAhealth Supervisor, Mel Wutke





Noxolo Legabi


“”I nominate Noxolo for her flexibility and willingness to see a client through hospice while also providing assistance to her husband. She provided excellent care to both despite the clients’ very different needs.”” – RVNAhealth Supervisor, Danielle





Shakira Rosario

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards - Shakira


Hometown: Danbury, CT

“Shakira is a wonderful caregiver. She acts with empathy and compassion. She is dependable and when she is with my mom she continues to make sure she is okay. Shakira is also highly motivational, she knows the right words and phrasing to help get my mom moving. She has been amazing addition to my mom’s care team.” – -Brian C., New Fairfield CT





Lelo Mhlongo

StayingWELL Caregiver Above & Beyond Awards Lelo


Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

“Lelo is very professional, respectful, extremely caring and helpful. Wanting to make things easier for both Harvey and me, she will ask everyday if there is anything more she can do for us. I know that Harvey is well cared for, comfortable and has everything he needs/wants when she is in our home. It is my opinion that Lelo goes above and beyond caring for Harvey and making things easier for me.” – Star, Wilton CT





Minisa Sabirova

above and beyond caregivers


Hometown: Torrington, CT

“Minisa has made such a difference with my mom. She really connects with her and has been wonderful with helping take care of her dog!” – son of Ridgefield, CT client





Mary Novicky

above and beyond caregivers


Hometown: Bethel, CT

“Mary is a very hardworking and caring aide. She has so much knowledge and she continually goes above and beyond to help improve her patient’s quality of life with the wealth of knowledge that she has. She Is very efficient with her time management and gets everything done during the time scheduled. I definitely would recommend Mary and her caring ways. RVNAhealth is fortunate to have a very experienced individual.” – M.P. – Brookfield, CT