Tara Clayton and Margarita Colon

Elaine Hriston-Zech

Tara and Margarita

Hometown: Bridgeport and Danbury, CT

Above and Beyond Nomination: “Thanks to Tara and Margarita for the care for my mother.  Margarita’s care has been impressive and kind.  And Tara is smart, dependable, kind and has a happy laugh to cheer my mother.” – Diane, Wilton, CT

Mireilli Vertus

Elaine Hriston-Zech


Hometown: Naugatuck, CT

Above and Beyond Nomination: “Mireilli is nominated for her excellent care of her client and for helping the team with last minute staffing needs. She has well cared for not only the client, but also the household—as the client’s family lives far away. Her care has allowed the client to fulfill her wish of remaining at home.” –Danielle, RVNAhealth Staff

Lorraine Barnes and Stesie Delphonse

Elaine Hriston-Zech

Lorraine and Stesie

Hometowns: Bridgeport and Derby, CT

Above and Beyond Nomination: “We would like to recognize Lorraine and Stesie for their superior hospice client care.  The client’s family was very moved by Lorraine’s dedication and knowledge of hospice care. The client was kept engaged when awake and Lorraine was even able to have her sit at a table and eat with her family shortly before she passed.  Stesie always exhibited excellent care and communication while with the client. The family has expressed how wonderful Stesie is and are deeply appreciative that they were able to rest knowing their family member was in Stesie’s care.” – Danielle, RVNAhealth Staff

Maureen Dixon

Elaine Hriston-Zech


Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

“Maureen runs the household and knows what to do without anyone having to ask or tell her.”  – Client, Westport CT

Leonard Thomas


Hometown: Trumbull, CT

“Leonard is professional and has been wonderful with the family during a difficult time and transition to hospice.”  –  Amy Feder, RVNAhealth Hospice MSW

Osner Pierre


Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

“Osner is a hard worker, dresses sharp and is an excellent cook.  I would recommend him to anyone.”  – Client, Ridgefield CT

Thozama “Precious” Ntuli


Hometown: Waterbury, CT

“Precious’ client raves about how “precious” and wonderful she is and often say how appreciative they are to have her in their home.  She went above and beyond to adjust her schedule to make sure she was always available to her clients during the summer months.”  – RVNAhealth StayWELL Staff

Nikki Inneh


Hometown: Franklinville, NJ

“Nikki is like family. She has helped me adjust to my new home in Ridgefield after moving from Arizona.  I have improved so much with her help.” – Client, Ridgefield CT

Henriette Genice

Elaine Hriston-Zech


Hometown: Norwalk, CT

“Henriette does a very good job and has been with me for 6 months, 5 days a week. She is very thoughtful, provides a lot of attention and does an overall great job. She knows what she has to do without having to be asked” – Client, Ridgefield CT

Thulisile Dlamini


Hometown: Bethel, CT

“Thulisile is fantastic.  She kept her client safe and comfortable throughout the night.  She was respectful to our staff and helped make our job easier.”  – Nurse at Meadow Ridge, Redding