On the Run with RVNAhealth

RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center is pleased to offer detailed Running Evaluations with sports physical therapist Kate Campbell, DPT and certified gait analyst (above, right) to help new and veteran runners stay healthy and active in their sport.

“Because running is a highly repetitive motion and an impact activity,’ says Campbell, ‘injuries can develop.  It’s very important to understand one’s vulnerabilities and tendencies, as well as develop smart training plans to reduce the likelihood of injury. No runner I know ever wants to be sidelined.” 

The evaluation is one-hour long and includes video analysis of running mechanics; strength assessment of muscles related to proper mechanics and injury prevention; flexibility assessment; a foot and shoe analysis; and an individualized home exercise program based on the evaluation results and aligned with personal goals.   

An RVNAhealth running evaluation is appropriate for anybody who runs today and wants to do the same in the days and years to come, including:

  • new runners who want to avoid injury and get off on the right foot 
  • current runners who want to assess their form, strengths, and predilection for injury
  • current runners experiencing pain or discomfort
  • any runner who wants to take it to the next level and/or increase mileage safely 

Campbell, a runner, and athlete herself, is dedicated to keeping athletes active and un-injured so they can enjoy their sports. “Athletics and activity are a true gift to those who enjoy them for recreation, competition, and peace of mind.  My goal is to enable athletes at all levels to stay healthy and mobile. Avoiding injury isn’t about luck, it’s about understanding how injuries happen, and by taking a role to prevent them. For runners, a running evaluation is the right place to start. Plus, it’s fun!” 

RVNAhealth Running Evaluations are one-hour and cost $150.  (Certain insurances may provide reimbursement for a running assessment. Please consult your provider to inquire.)

“2020 was an unusual and challenging year,’ says Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation Services at RVNAhealth, “with many activities and pastimes temporarily unavailable. Fortunately, we can continue to enjoy running and walking to our heart’s delight.  A running evaluation is a good way to ensure that your body can keep up with your plans and desires.” 

To purchase an RVNAhealth Running Evaluation Gift Certificate, or make an appointment for a running evaluation, contact the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center at 203-438-7862 or email RehabCenter@RVNAhealth.org.

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