RVNAhealth Employee Appreciation Day 2021

An expansion? A renovation? A bouncy house? A wedding?

No! It was Employee Appreciation Day at RVNAhealth on Friday March 5, 2021 and all team members were invited to the Ridgefield and New Milford offices for lunch at a midday food truck, featuring the finest of those all-times favorites, pizza and grilled cheese. Bailey’s Backyard was onsite in Ridgefield and Crispy Melty served up sandwiches in New Milford.

It was a special treat on a special day, planned and hosted by our fantastic HR team. This annual day of employee recognition is especially notable this year as it marks RVNAhealth’s first year as a merged organization with a larger, more expansive team and a whole lot of new colleagues to celebrate with.

Check out the photos below. If you’re interested in joining the RVNAhealth team, explore our current openings.

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