Gail Dawson


Hometown: New Milford, CT

“Gail is always cheerful.  She does her work and more.  She always asks questions on what more she can do.” – Client, Clint Lofgren, New Milford CT

Kristy Huizinga 


Hometown: Danbury, CT

“Kristy is wonderful! She is kind, caring, and dependable. My husband and I adore her. She takes excellent care of him.” – Client, Sandra L.

Saira Morales


Hometown: Danbury, CT

“Saira was extremely patient and reassuring during a time that caused great anxiety for my husband” – Client, M.C., Ridgefield, CT

Isaac Sanchez


Hometown: Oakville, CT

“Isaac went above and beyond for their care of my husband. She remarked that Isaac offered tips for end-of-life care and truly appreciated and helpful.” – Client, M.C., Ridgefield, CT

Thozama “Precious” Ntuli  


Hometown: Waterbury, CT

“I can’t tell you enough how amazing Precious has been with her client.  She is super knowledgeable, great at carrying over all instructions and has been instrumental to her client in making great gains and she loves Precious.– RVNAhealth Physical Therapist, Lynn Schneider

April Coons


Hometown: New Milford, NY

“April worked with us for 4 hours a day to help me shower, dress, as well as helping me with exercises and walking and assisting my husband with household chores.  April is always enthusiastic in helping me with my exercises, and she looks for additional ways that she can help us with cleaning, laundry and dishes.  April exceeded our expectations by going beyond her normal duties and providing us with friendship and companionship as well.  she became our friend as well as helper.  For this reason, I nominate April for your Above and Beyond recognition program.” – Client, Brita Polito, New Milford CT

Elizabeth Pierre Louis


Hometown: Bronx, NY

“The biggest thing that Elizabeth did for [my family member and the whole family] was to be the light in the home, who enabled [us] to laugh every day. Elizabeth found a way to totally connect through outrageous humor and singing. [Our family member] ended up loving Elizabeth and only feeling most secure when Elizabeth was there.” – Family member, Thora P.

Leonard Thomas


Hometown: Trumbull, CT

“Leonard is professional and has been wonderful with the family during a difficult time and transition to hospice.”  –  Amy Feder, RVNAhealth Hospice MSW