RVNAhealth Autumn Dinner – 2021

On September 25th RVNAhealth hosted its annual Autumn Dinner at the Amber Room Colonnade in Danbury. Friends and supporters of our organization came together to celebrate our recent merger with Bethel Visiting Nurse Association and New Milford Visiting Nurse & Hospice. Together, the three agencies have become one dynamic healthcare organization, better positioned to address the growing needs of our patients and communities and respond to future healthcare challenges.

The event also honored our exceptional staff for their steadfast commitment to their neighbors throughout the past year and a half. Those in attendance were moved by RVNAhealth’s mission to deliver unmatched, compassionate healthcare when and where it is needed. The event sponsors, advertisers, and all in attendance helped us raise nearly $250,000 to support our continued work within the community.

The evening featured a bourbon tasting sponsored by Ancona’s Wines & Liquors, live music by Nick DePuy sponsored by Casey Energy, and beautiful, autumnal centerpieces graciously designed and donated by Mary Jones at Rodier Flowers. The flowers were so stunning they were gifted to hospice and homebound patients, so they could be enjoyed well past the event itself.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and RVNAhealth staff, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Adam Broderick for serving as the evening’s impact speaker and sharing his decades-long relationship with our organization. Thank you to our event chairs, Suzanne and Shane Casey, and every member of the Autumn Dinner committee for their time, enthusiasm, hard work and dedication in planning and organizing this memorable event. 

Until next year… We wish you WELL!

A 21st Century Pain in the Neck

Technology is a regular part of modern daily life and has, for many, become a literal pain in the neck. The hours spent hunched over technology—cell phones, tablets, and computers—can result in a condition coined Text Neck Syndrome, a stress injury to the neck, shoulders, and cervical spine.

While not a formal medical diagnosis, physical therapists are inundated with complaints of the syndrome. RVNAhealth Director of Rehabilitation Services, Gigi Weiss, MSPT, provided insight into the phenomenon increasingly seen in patients at the Rehabilitation & Wellness Center.

What are the symptoms of Text Neck Syndrome?

  • Nagging or sharp pain in the upper back or neck that is often triggered when bending the neck in a downward forward motion
  • Excessive discomfort and stiffness in the shoulders, neck, and upper back, particularly at the end of the day
  • Headaches, often frequent, exacerbated by screen time
  • Decreased or painful head mobility

How is Text Neck Syndrome assessed?

A physical examination and medical history are part of evaluating patients with the symptoms of Text Neck Syndrome. Review of discomfort, mobility limitations, and lifestyle are all relevant factors in comprehensive assessment and if more serious injury or diagnoses are suspected, a referral for imaging could be recommended. A treatment plan developed by a physical therapist is often the appropriate course of action for many patients.

How is Text Neck Syndrome treated?

All RVNAhealth patients receive personal assessments and treatment programs to address individual presentation of symptoms. There are strengthening exercises and posture adjustments that can mitigate the discomfort and physical misalignments that accompany the syndrome.

A customized plan is developed to address the needs of each patient based on individual lifestyle and ability which can include time working with a physical therapist at the Rehabilitation & Wellness Center and at-home exercises.

Are there ways to prevent Text Neck Syndrome?

  • Raising small technology to eye level helps alleviate neck pressure. Since the average human head weighs around eleven pounds, a downward and forward-positioned head puts significant strain on the neck, spine, and supporting muscles
  • Do a subtle arching/backbend, even while seated, to release muscle strain and strengthen stabilizing muscle groups. Slowly ease the chin skyward for an extra stretch
  • Take frequent breaks from technology whenever possible. Take deep breaths while going on a short walk and remember to stand straight with the shoulders back. Practicing good posture is a worthwhile habit!

Since society’s reliance on technology is not likely to dissipate, mindfulness of body position during use can minimize the negative physical consequences of excessive screen time. If you feel you may suffer from Text Neck Syndrome, or any similar ailment causing discomfort, contact the RVNAhealth GetWELL Rehabilitation & Wellness Center team at 203.438.7862. For more information visit www.rvnahealth.org/rehab.

RVNAhealth Earns Top Workplaces Award for the 9th Time!

We did it again!

For the 9th time since 2011, RVNAhealth has earned a Top Workplaces award from Hearst Connecticut Media. The award is given to local companies that lead the way in workplace culture based on employee surveys. At RVNAhealth, the employees surveyed include clinical staff — nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and certified nursing assistants — as well as non-medical caregivers and administrative staff. RVNAhealth places in the mid-sized company category which includes companies with between 100 and 500 employees.      

“2021 marks RVNAhealth’s first year as a ‘tri-agency’ — following our November 2020 merger with Bethel Visiting Nurse Association and New Milford Visiting Nurse & Hospice,” says Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA, President and CEO of RVNAhealth.  “Earning this award together validates the strength of the union and the depth of our commitment to the work we do and the patients and communities we serve.  Each year, RVNAhealth faces new healthcare challenges and experiences new triumphs, and earning the Top Workplaces Award is always immensely gratifying. It is a pleasure to work alongside such a talented and compassionate team.” 

The Top Workplaces designation was awarded to 51 Connecticut companies this year. To be considered, a company must be located in Fairfield, Litchfield, or New Haven County, have at least 35 employees, and be nominated for the award by a current employee.  Company employees then complete a survey on their organization after which results are tabulated and prizes awarded.

RVNAhealth was also named a Hearst Connecticut Media Top Workplace in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2020.  In addition to enjoying a mission-driven, rewarding workplace, RVNAhealth employees receive a full range of benefits including medical and dental insurance, company-paid life insurance, a retirement plan with generous matching contributions, flexible work arrangements, training and professional development, agency laptops and cell phones. To learn more about joining the RVNAhealth family, visit  rvnahealth.org/careers/.


About RVNAhealth

RVNAhealth is a private, nonprofit, Medicare-certified organization that provides exceptional home and community health care services, supports public health and safety, and has promoted the highest quality of life for over 100 years.

RVNAhealth’s services are categorized into four WELLs —including BeWELL: Services to Keep You Healthy; GetWELL: Services to Recover Your Best Health; StayWELL: Services to Remain Safely in Your Home; and ComfortWELL; Hospice Care to Provide Comfort and Peace. The WELLs represent our continuum of care that serves individuals across a lifetime. Services include wellness and prevention, home health, hospice, rehabilitation, community health, and skilled nursing, among others. 

During RVNAhealth’s century of care, our name, services, and reach have evolved to meet the care and wellness needs of all those we serve, yet our focus on excellent care, quality and safety, and our guiding philosophy have remained steadfast – the individuals and patients we care for come first.

You’re Invited to the Autumn Dinner!

RVNAhealth is hosting our annual Autumn Dinner on Saturday, September 25 at The Amber Room in Danbury. Suzanne and Shane Casey of Casey Energy are the Event Chairs for the evening and invite their neighbors to join them in honoring RVNAhealth’s exceptional staff for their dedication to the community.Continue reading

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