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How To Find & Hire A Home Health Care Aide, Or Visiting Nurse In Redding, Connecticut

Do either of these fit someone in your life?

  1. A loved one who requires continuous care for a chronic health condition
  2. A loved one who requires post-operative care
  3. The patient requires care following an illness or an injury

In any of the above cases, if you’re a concern family member who has power of attorney over their healthcare needs, then we can help you find the right healthcare company. We feel that you shouldn’t have to compromise the care of your loved one when ever you contract a home healthcare company. And our guide should help you not only choose the right one but help you establish an effective relationship.

The Right Approach

Finding the right home health care agency for your loved one can be trying. One of the best pieces of advice that we offer to the families of our patients is to be involved. What we mean about that is to just really take an active part in the treatment and recovery process. Because in this way it can not only have a positive effect on the patient but the whole family as well. This is also a important thing to look for when searching for the right home healthcare agency. How easy do they make it for you to remain involved in the care of their patients. This is why we encourage people to ask these questions while they’re screening healthcare agencies. So be sure to ask questions like “how often treatment plans are reassessed” and “the metrics used to monitor a patient’s care and medical progress?” These are things that are important to know and things that you deserve to know.

Additional Health Care Questions

We’ve collected a few more questions; mostly focusing on treatment methods, that you shouldn’t hesitate to ask:

  • Do the providers participate in continuing education courses?
  • If the patient isn’t happy with their assigned provider, can they ask for a replacement provider?
  • What metrics are used to monitor the patient’s care and medical progress?
  • How often are treatment plans reassessed?
  • Are the health care wishes of the patient included and respected?
  • Are the home health providers licensed and insured?
  • What specific services are provide beyond in-home treatment?

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