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At RVNAhealth we take tremendous pride in providing only the highest quality rehabilitation services to all our patients in New Canaan and across more than 30 towns in Connecticut for over 100 years. Our top-rated team of highly skilled and qualified rehabilitation therapists and specialists is committed to meeting all the needs of our New Canaan patients. The rehabilitation services we provide to our patients include outpatient physical therapy, outpatient occupational therapy and outpatient speech therapy. At RVNAhealth we have been recognized time and time again as one of the best all-around rehabilitation service providers in the State of Connecticut. Our performance excellence when coupled with our overall commitment to helping our many patients restore their personal lives has greatly contributed to our high visibility in the community as well as the medical rehabilitation field. The team of friendly professionals here at RVNAhealth takes pride in our community presence which we have achieved by way of our unique, comprehensive approach to delivering effective rehabilitation services to all our New Canaan patients and are steadfast in our commitment to maintain that very marketplace and community presence.

Restoring the life you deserve.

RVNAhealth is recognized as a high-quality and effective resource for providing comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation therapy services in New Canaan as well as many of the adjacent towns. Our Rehabilitation & Wellness program offers a full open gym equipped with the most state-of-the-art therapeutic and fitness equipment as well as a number of private treatment rooms for our patients.

The specialized rehabilitation services RVNAhealth offers include outpatient physical therapy, outpatient occupational therapy, and outpatient speech therapy, along with a variety of other orthopedic programs that are geared toward joint replacement recovery, and sports injury rehabilitation.

Whether you find yourself sidelined by a complicated injury or illness, or perhaps you need to manage a chronic disorder or condition, the team of dedicated rehabilitation professionals here at RVNAhealth is definitely the team for you.

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    What Kind of Services?

    RVNAhealth free blood pressure screenings, fairfield county, ct

    Outpatient Physical Therapy

    We get you moving…safely. The experienced and certified physical therapists here at RVNAhealth are skilled and trained to not only diagnose but treat many conditions and injuries that cause our New Canaan patients to suffer greatly with pain, movement restrictions, range of motion limitations or a reduced quality of life.

    Outpatient Occupational Therapy

    What matters to you matters to us. Here at RVNAhealth, our dedicated team of occupational therapists and rehabilitation specialists strives to leverage interventions that help restore everyday living and working lives to our many New Canaan patients. From in depth skill development to cognitive support, RVNAhealth’s outpatient occupational therapy team is outwardly dedicated to focusing and delivering on what’s most important to you, the patient.

    RVNAhealth lsvt big and loud program for parkensons

    Outpatient Speech Therapy

    Communication is key. At RVNAhealth our skilled speech therapists are trained and experienced in assessing as well as treating many conditions that can cause patients to have difficulty swallowing or cause patients to suffer with impaired communication abilities and skills.

    RVNAhealth home health caregiver

    Joint replacement recovery

    Rehabilitation is hip. The team-based approach to joint replacement recovery provided by the rehabilitation professionals here at RVNAhealth leverages therapeutic strategies that safely help to restore joint function to our New Canaan patients who have undergone joint replacement surgery of various types.

    LSVT Big & Loud

    Talk loud and move proud. Here at RVNAhealth we are also proud of our trained physical therapists who are certified to provide the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) therapies. The LSVT is specifically designed to benefit patients by improving their speech over time and by helping to improve body function of those patients suffering with the challenges and complications of Parkinson’s disease.

    Where is the RVNAhealth outpatient therapy facility?

    The RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, located at 27 Governor Street in Ridgefield, CT cares for and treats our New Canaan patients and those in the many surrounding towns as well.

    RVNAhealth…We care for you.

    When do I need RVNAhealth?

    At RVNAhealth our trusted team of occupational and physical therapists strives to contribute to the recovery or recuperation stages that our patients must go through following a complicated surgery or injury. The certified team here at RVNAhealth is also trained to assist our New Canaan patients with the effective management of short or long-term illnesses. This includes COVID-19. Our trained occupational therapists are steadfast in their commitment to help each and every one of our patients to restore both their personal and professional independence as quickly as possible. As a result of our commitment and dedication to our patients, RVNAhealth has been recognized as a top of the line, trusted healthcare partner.

    Why RVNAhealth?

    Your health and mobility are our business. Regardless of what your individual circumstances may be whether an athlete who has undergone surgery and is in need of a strengthening program or an individual suffering with complications following a surgery or illness, the team of highly skilled and experienced rehabilitation therapists and specialists here at RVNAhealth prides themselves on their overall commitment to help our New Canaan patients regain mobility and a restored quality of life. At RVNAhealth we truly care about you! Our patients are our number one priority and this coupled with our comprehensive approach to treatment has contributed to our highly trusted reputation in the community. We have been billed as one of the most trusted healthcare and rehabilitation service provider in the state of Connecticut for over 100 years now.

    Our approach is comprehensive. Here at RVNAhealth our rehabilitation team understands the simple fact that rehabilitation needs are fluid which is why we hold fast to offering an umbrella of resources that directly contribute to a seamless transition for our New Canaan patients from one physical state to another. Many of our in-home rehabilitation patients residing in New Canaan as well as those patients living in many of the adjacent towns eventually graduate to outpatient physical therapy, outpatient occupational therapy, or outpatient speech therapy programs.

    How do I Start Services?

    To learn more about our top of the line, comprehensive approach to rehabilitation services our dedicated team of therapists and specialists offer here at RVNAhealth or to request rehabilitation contact one of our friendly staff members today. Requesting services is quick and easy and can be accomplished by choosing any form of communication that we have provided below:

    Fill out the form, and an RVNAhealth representative will contact you
    Email your needs to intake@RVNAhealth.com; or
    Call RVNAhealth at (203) 438-5555.

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