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How To Find & Hire A Home Health Care Aide, Or Visiting Nurse In New Canaan Connecticut

Home healthcare has steadily become more and more a prominent part of our lives. And the reason for this is actually a positive one. People are living longer. And while this is great there is now an elevated need to care for the elderly in our society. This can place a good deal of pressure on a family but there are plenty of resources out there to help. This page is one such resource. First, let’s outline those most in need of home healthcare:

  1. The patient requires continuous care for a chronic health condition
  2. The patient requires post-operative care

If this fits the description of someone in your family there’s a good chance you or someone close to you will have to begin the process of contracting an appropriate healthcare company. This is the main focus of this page, helping families ease into the selection process. To begin, let’s start off with some vital questions to ask the agencies you interview:

  • What specific skills does the agency’s home health providers have to offer?
  • Do the providers participate in continuing education courses?
  • If the patient isn’t happy with their assigned provider, can they ask for a replacement provider?
  • What metrics are used to monitor the patient’s care and medical progress?
  • Are the patient’s medications reviewed during the course of treatment?
  • On what basis is a treatment plan created?
  • How often are treatment plans reassessed?
  • Are the health care wishes of the patient included and respected?
  • Are the home health providers licensed and insured?
  • What specific services are provide beyond in-home treatment?

Finding The Right Agency

While asking questions of the different healthcare agencies you’ll be seeing is important that isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing. Make sure you ask each company for references and then check up on these references and make sure they’re genuine. Also remember to use all of the tools at your disposal, particularly the internet. Just make sure you do your research. You’re entering into an important and intimate relationship with this company so it’s important that you’re sure of it before it begins.

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