February 7, 2022


Good Monday Morning,

I hope you all have successfully weathered the ice and cold. Thank you to all those who made patient visits throughout the inclement conditions, and special kudos to our Rehabilitation & Wellness Center team, who remained open on Friday and kept all client appointments with no disruption to the schedule.  Good call!

Gratitude at Work

This week, I share with you feedback from a longtime RVNAhealth patient and donor, who recently completed a donor survey, sent by our Development team to encourage feedback, and understand awareness of our services and offerings. Upon receiving this woman’s survey, MJ Heller contacted her by phone and was treated to this special story (paraphrased below)— an important reminder of the value of our BeWELL community health services — and the impact a simple phone call can have.

“Your nurses probably saved my life.”
Over 15 years ago, I attended your free blood pressure clinic at Founders Hall [in Ridgefield], at the prodding of Christine Robertson, who managed all the clinics in town. It was a good thing I did, because the nurse taking the blood pressure told me mine was concerningly high. She then called Theresa Santoro, who picked up the phone and called my doctor immediately. An hour later, I was in his office, and he confirmed the issue. I was put on blood pressure medications right away and I’ve been on them ever since. And I’ve also been a regular at your Founders Hall clinics since that day.

Thank you all for the work you do in keeping individuals and communities well, and in preventing health issues that can be addressed and managed.


Staff News

Please join me in welcoming to our team:

Marketing & Public Relations
Amanda Cunha – Marketing Operations and Communications Assistant


IMPORTANT: You Should Not be Billed for a COVID Test!

Some employees have reported receiving letters from Sunrise Laboratories, the lab that processes our PCR COVID tests.  If you receive such a letter, please read it closely: these are not bills, but a request for information.  Simply call Sunrise Labs directly and verify your information with them.  If you are uninsured, they will ask for a copy of your license so they can get reimbursed through government relief funds.  Either way, you are not responsible for paying!


RVNAhealth Celebrates Black History Month — Black Health and Wellness

February marks Black History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their role throughout our country’s history. This year’s theme, Black Health and Wellness, pays homage to medical scholars and health care providers. The theme is especially timely as we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately affected minority communities and placed unique burdens on Black health care professionals. Each week in February, we will recognize famous Black nurses who have changed the nursing profession – and the world – for the better. Check out the posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and Intranet pages.


February Edition of The Pulse

Here’s the latest edition of our RVNAhealth monthly newsletter, The Pulse. Highlights include: Meet clinical intern Corey Dunn; hear what Monica Marcello really thinks about dieting; learn the extraordinary benefits of classical music, and much more.  Click here.


Place your Votes! What Should We Call the RVNAhealth Intranet?

We received some great name ideas for our Intranet. So great, in fact, that we need an ‘election’ to decide.  Click here and place your vote. Take your time … this is historic! 😊

Vote here for the RVNAhealth Intranet name.




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