The Ridgefield VNA excels at serving everyone, all ages, within our community and the multiple towns they serve. I make use of one of their annual flu clinics and rely upon them for this service. Most recently, they are helping my family connect with an elder care counselor so we can better understand our mother’s issues and how to deal with them. RVNA is here for us, all of us and we are grateful.

—Karin Fallon

My name is John Morris and I recently had left hip replacement surgery at Greenwich Hospital on January 9th. Several days following surgery I returned home and immediately began post op rehab therapy in my home. My therapist was Srikanth Desiraju. The purpose of my email is to inform you how much I enjoyed working with Srikanth. There are many reasons which include Srikanth’s punctuality, work ethic, knowledge, patience and sense of humor. Most importantly he displayed a sincere interest in my well being. He is a true professional and I wanted you to know what an outstanding therapist you have in Srikanth Desiraju.

—John Morris

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For the past few years, Laura has been very helpful as part of a network that assists my dad to continue to enjoy a high quality of living and to successfully live alone.

—Susan Master

As Chair of our Commission on Aging in an adjacent town, the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association has provided outstanding professional services to seniors and people with medical problems throughout the years.

They have also created an Aging in Place initiative that costs is free and provides critical information and support to seniors so they can remain safe in their home.

The RVNA has graciously sponsored a number of community forums with our Commission on Aging. Without their professional staff and efforts, these forums would not have occurred. We have offered “Keeping Your Money Safe” and “Aging Successfully” presentations in Redding, CT which were highly praised for their valuable information.

RVNA was there waiting for our return from the hospital. The nurse immediately review the history and set about pouring the necessary medicines for the next week as prescribed by the Doctors. She phoned and reviewed various issues with the Doctor, reordered certain medicines. The Nurse arranged for the Physical Therapist and Nurses Aid. All went smoothly with empathy.

In addition the Nurse has followed up on a continuing basis, such dedication. Made sure I was given a flu shot.

I’m not sure what a person does without a group like the RVNA when they return from the hospital.

—Lynn R

I have Lifeline because I live alone. I don’t want my children or my grand- children to worry about me, even though they live here in town. I do it for them

—Emily Mayer

Knowing that you are a caring resource that is available to us has been invaluable as we have entered into this life’s journey with our parents.

—Antra Borofsky

Lynne was my physical therapist. She was extraordinary! She got me moving and exercising, praised my progress, and in general propped up my sagging confidence in my recovery. Her great abilities as a therapist played a major part and was the main reason for my rapid improvement. She pointed me in the right direction towards cardiac rehab which I now do three times a week. She more than anyone is the main reason that I am doing so well today. Thank you to all these great ladies and the Ridgefield VNA!

—RVNAhealth client

We are both American citizens. We have been unemployed for two years. We haven’t been to a doctor. This (Community Health Fair) is tremendous.

—2012 Health Fair Participants

This letter explains my medical situation and praises the Ridgefield VNA.

On Dec. 24, 2012, I was hospitalized with a major heart attack. After a week in Danbury Hospital where a stent was installed, I returned home under the care of RVNA nurses. A nurse by the name of Crystal was caring for me. Soon after coming home, I developed a heart Arythmia. Frightened by the symptoms, and not knowing what was going on, I called Crystal. She coordinated the situation with my primary care doctor. I went back into the hospital for more surgical work. I am a diabetic with stage 3 kidney disease and congestive heart failure. I went on kidney dialysis, but I was fortunate not to need dialysis after only one treatment. Needless to say, I was a pretty sick man when I returned home at the end of January 2013.

Crystal picked up again as my nurse and continued to do a terrific job. She made me feel confident in my recovery and praised my progress. She explained everything to me and my family carefully & completely. She made me feel that I could and would get better despite my own grim outlook on my health problems.

She is a great nurse and an amazing person. You should be proud to have her as an employee. during this time I also had other people from RVNA taking care of me. An occupational therapist by the name of Theresa was instrumental in helping me take steps toward independence. She put me at ease during times of showers which was an uncomfortable situation for me. Her easy going manner and upbeat personality were very much appreciated.

Jasmine, a home health aide, was also excellent. She was kind, thorough, and a great help to me.

—RVNAhealth client