Kelly Klein

Director of Human Resources

Kelly Klein is RVNAhealth's human resources director. In this role, she is responsible for developing and executing human resource (HR) strategy in support of the agency's overall business plan and strategic direction – specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation. She also provides strategic leadership by articulating HR needs and plans to the executive leadership team.

As a human resources expert, it’s thankfully no surprise that Klein finds "the people" to be the most rewarding part of her job here. “Being a great HR leader is highly dependent on working for a CEO that truly appreciates the value of people. You want to work for a CEO who believes having an expert to lead HR is just as important as having a financial expert who can lead finance or a marketing expert who leads marketing. Because our CEO believes in our employees, I can focus on helping RVNAhealth be a workplace and employer where employees can thrive, add value and be valued.”

Klein joined RVNAhealth in 2017 after various HR leadership roles in corporate settings (L’Oreal USA, Coach, W.J. Deutsch & Sons) and consulting. Since that time, she continues to support and drive reinvestment in our employees. “RVNAhealth has been growing its education and support services for employees. For example, thanks to a few major donations, we have been able to establish 'RVNA University." an education reimbursement program that not only provides grants to future RNs and/or CNAs, but also provides reimbursement to those who are pursuing other degrees.”

Kelly is excited about the future at RVNAhealth. “As we continue to extend and enhance our service lines, I see RVNAhealth being the employer of choice, by offering cross training opportunities as well as providing our clinicians with specialties to help serve our patients.”

Kelly currently resides in Ridgefield, and grew up largely on the East Coast (from Florida to Maryland, Delaware and New York City). In her free time, she likes to spend moments with more people…her family and friends!