Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service through RVNAhealth

Independence, Security, and Peace of Mind

Living independently at home is extremely important to many seniors.  Through our many services and programs, as well as our partnership with Philips Lifeline medical alert system, RVNAhealth makes the choice to live at home a secure and responsible one.

Easy-to-use and unobtrusive, Philips Lifeline has offered peace of mind to seniors and their families for over 40 years by allowing users to access help when they need it with just the press of a button.

Philips Lifeline Options

All buttons are waterproof and provide 24/7 access.
Wireless units are available for those who do not have a landline.

Philips offers three options:

  • HomeSafe Standard: for use inside of the home, users can access help with the push of a button when they choose to. Button comes with the option to wear it on the wrist or around the neck.
  • HomeSafe with AutoAlert: for use inside of the home, help is accessed when the user pushes the button or when the Lifeline system detects a fall. This added layer of fall detection is crucial in the event that the user is unable to push the button. Button must be worn around the neck.
  • GoSafe 2 with AutoAlert: for use both inside and outside of the home – whether that’s the backyard, the supermarket or even on vacation. GoSafe 2 with AutoAlert accesses help when the user pushes the button or when the system detects a fall.  This GPS-enabled pendant is a good choice for those with an active lifestyle. Button must be worn around the neck.

How Lifeline Works

Getting Help is Easy 

  • If you need help,  push the personal help button.  
  • Your Lifeline™ device is activated and automatically dials the Lifeline™ Response Center.  
  • A professionally-trained Personal Response Associate (based in the United States) will answer your call and have instant access to your complete profile. The response associate will assess your situation and immediately send for help. You are in control and can request what type of assistance is needed- whether it is a designated neighbor, family member or emergency service, Lifeline™ will contact them for you.
RVNAhealth chris robertson

RVNAhealth volunteer and Ridgefield local, Chris Robertson, has worn her GoSafe with AutoAlert every day since March 2015. With children as far reaching as North Carolina, Maryland and Thailand, “I never take it off,” says Robertson. “We don’t have to worry this way. If I need help, it’s right there.”

Why Lifeline with RVNAhealth: Features & Benefits

  • RVNAhealth comes to your home to install the system and teach you how to use it. Together you learn the best location to put the unit, test the range of use, set up who will be notified, and adjust the volume so it is personalized for you.
  • You become comfortable with the product and how it works. This is also a good for you to ask any questions you may have.
  • No long-term contract.
  • Pay month to month.
  • Cancel with 30 days notice.
  • No need to buy expensive equipment. RVNAhealth loans it.
  • Philips Lifeline is the No. 1 medical alert service trusted by hospitals and healthcare professionals and is a national company with over 40 years of experience.
  • RVNAhealth is a trusted source with over 100 years of local home care.
  • You can trust that your personal information is safe.
  • RVNAhealth is notified of a low battery or power outages.
  • Our staff will come out to replace batteries for you, ensuring worry-free maintenance. Battery replacements are done free of charge!

An RVNAhealth Navigator will work with you if you are in the hospital to set up plans to get you back home safely as soon as possible.

  • Emergency responders are only sent if there is no response from you or if you respond and request that help be sent.
  • You choose what kind of help you need, whether it is a neighbor, family member or ambulance.
  • Help is always available. Trained and certified Lifeline staff will come on the line to talk with you. They will stay on the line until help arrives.
  • Calls are answered in an average of 30 seconds.
  •  The response center can respond in over 170 languages.

Using Philips Lifeline medical alert system through RVNAhealth means that you not only get immediate access to help, you also have a direct line to follow-up care and attention when you need it the most.

To schedule an appointment or inquire about a particular need, please call RVNAhealth at (203) 438-5555 or contact us ››