Rehabilitation & Wellness Team Member

Lesa Ciofalo

Outpatient Office Manager

As Outpatient Office Manager, Lesa Ciofalo manage all operational aspects of The Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, encompassing speech, occupational and physical Therapy. She has been with the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center since its opening in 2016. But her ties to our agency predate the Rehab Center and a host of other significant milestones.

Lesa’s first role here was as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 1990. “In addition to CNA classes, I also took courses in areas including emergency medical training (EMT) and anatomy and physiology, to expose myself to the medical field,” she says.

As a nurse’s assistant, Lesa worked closely with one of our experienced homecare physical therapists.

“Sue requested that I accompany her to clients’ homes to learn about therapy programs for total joint replacement, stroke and brain tumor patients so I could efficiently follow through with her plan of care,” she explains. “This was 30 years ago, when physical therapy assistants did not exist. Throughout my life I have credited Sue with exposing me to and teaching me with great care, kindness and very high standards for the people in our community.”

Since then, Lesa’s commitment to outpatient therapy has included completing education in respiratory and wound care, insurance coding and billing, and operations and management. Since 1996, she has served in rehabilitation management roles and has been involved in the set up and operations of five multidiscipline rehab facilities openings.

Lesa says her favorite part about her job is the people, the patients, the clients! “I love making sure that I take the time…a moment in this busy, sometimes overwhelming world, to listen, to help and connect with each person that comes through our doors,” she explains. “It’s the people that come here that make this job great….and of course the people that work here!”