Profile: Kayla Murphy

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives.

For Kayla Murphy, R.N., with RVNAhealth Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), a no-cost program that pairs low-income expectant moms with a dedicated nurse until their child reaches age two, the sentiment is personal. Murphy’s own mother participated in a program like NFP as a single, homeless, teen mom raising her children alone and Murphy attributes her family’s success to the clinical, social, and emotional support that a program like NFP provided at that time. She also believes the skills learned are still at work in her own life, “I am living proof that these programs work,” she said.  

Murphy joined RVNAhealth as an NFP Nurse Home Visitor in July 2020, during the height of COVID-19 restrictions, so it has been challenging to complete the education and developmental screenings for first-time moms because they are done virtually, but the work she is doing validated her interest in pediatric nursing long term.

“There is nothing better than watching a child grow and flourish. Every child deserves the best chance,” she said.

Murphy believes the Nurse-Family Partnership has generational impact because the program helps first-time mothers build long-term life stability skills which are then passed down through generations, further strengthening communities. Where other programs take a short-term band aid approach, the Nurse-Family Partnership team works with clients for over two years helping them reach their goals, not only in motherhood, but in life, skills which help build strong families.

Murphy’s family had a lot to celebrate in 2020, despite the pandemic. In May she received a Bachelor of Science in nursing from University of Massachusetts at Amherst and her mother earned a bachelor’s in business with a focus on human resources in December. Both are devoted to careers that help others and Murphy attributes her mother’s willingness to ask for help when she needed it, and the availability of programs like NFP, to their family’s success. “Coming from a nontraditional background myself has helped me understand the importance of the work we are doing on a more personal level. Someone changed my life many years ago and now I get to do the same,” she said, “what’s better than that?”

Kayla Murphy

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