RVNAhealth Introduces Sports Medicine Services at RVNAhealth@GPC

For many decades, RVNAhealth has been respected for our excellent rehabilitation services serving those recovering from illness, injury, or managing chronic or degenerative conditions. Our team is known for their quality, attention, and genuine investment in the goals of our patients and clients.

Now, through a new partnership with the Golf Performance Center (GPC) in Ridgefield, CT, RVNAhealth is able to extend our expertise to a new audience — athletes of all denominations. From the weekend warrior, to the varsity standout, to the lifelong athlete, to the committed golfer, the satellite location, RVNAhealth@GPC, will afford RVNAhealth sports physical therapy clients access to state-of-the-art equipment, increased space for treatment; plus an expanded suite of physical therapy, sports medicine, wellness, and injury prevention services including:

  • Sports medicine/physical therapy for diagnosed injuries
  • Diagnostic and preventative screenings to identify/address potential injuries early
  • Wellness Sessions including stretching, corrective exercises; and injury prevention

“It’s a tremendous step,” says Gigi Weiss, MSPT, Director of RVNAhealth Rehabilitation Services. “The GPC partnership allows us to engage athletes and sports therapy clients and truly provide them the focused therapy, equipment, and space they need to recover from, and avoid, injury.”

RVNAhealth@GPC will be managed by RVNAhealth outpatient practice manager, Kate Campbell, DPT. “Kate is one of the best sports physical therapists in the region,” continues Weiss. “She brings a level of commitment, energy, and expertise that is unparalleled. Kate has the experience and expertise to not only treat acute and known injuries, but to conduct assessments and develop targeted training plans to reduce avoidable injuries.”

Campbell herself is elated at the arrangement. “Our team at the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center has been treating sports injuries and athletes since we opened, but RVNAhealth@GPC takes it to a whole new level. If sports and mobility are important to you and your quality of life, we look forward to seeing you! We’re here to keep you going strong.”

To learn more, or make an appointment, call the RVNAhealth Rehabilitation & Wellness Center at 203-438-7862.

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