RVNAhealth: Call for Personal Protective Equipment

As you may know, there is presently a nationwide shortage of PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.  PPE is used by healthcare workers to prevent the transmission of infections and viruses.  While the administration is addressing this at a national level,  RVNAhealth is also seeking local help. While the numbers are uncertain, in the weeks and months ahead, our home health and in-home hospice services are anticipating the treatment and care of many COVID-19 patients, and we want to be prepared.

We are asking all friends, community members, other healthcare providers, contractors to work together and share equipment with RVNAhealth  so we can continue to care for and serve all the requests and referrals we receive.  We are in need of N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns, shoe covers, gloves. We have received donations already and are exceedingly grateful to our friends for their spirit of support – both today and in the weeks moving forward.  If you have any equipment or ideas, please contact RVNAhealth at 203-438-5555 or contact Community Health Nurse Manager, April Rodriguez, RN.

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