A woman wearing green scrubs and a blue surgical mask holds up her Above and Beyond certificate


Hometown: Waterbury, CT

Above and Beyond Nomination: “Liz came to us in February as a temporary substitute for a great caregiver who traveled to South Africa “temporarily” to get married and planned to return. Coronavirus had other plans, and Liz has been a wonder. She is of course an impeccable caregiver so far as her fastidiousness about cleanliness, health, and safety. […] [S]he has bent over backward to make things easier for our whole family. After she arrives, takes her own temperature, and puts on her mask and gloves, if the weather is good, she makes sure [my husband] eats the breakfast she prepares him out on the porch. She brings in the mail and the paper and reminds us to don gloves before we handle it. When we get groceries, she insists on washing each package and piece of produce to make sure it’s COVID-clear. The areas where the two of them spend their time stay clean and neat. And on and on…” – Martha, Ridgefield, CT