Jessica, RN

CNA Supervisor and Chronic Care Manager

Hometown: Newtown

About yourself:  Wife and mom to two boys. Lucas 8 years old and Jaxson 6 years old.

Why and when did you choose your profession? Years ago, I traveled to El Salvador to say goodbye to my aunt who was dying. There is no such thing as hospice there and she unfortunately had a long and painful death. From then on, I wanted to help other people and families to not experience or be witness to that. When I recently found out that one of our local facilities’ hospice patients were in need of care, I was happy to step in with RVNAhealth (temporarily stepping aside from her CNA Supervisor position). I know the patients at the facility through a former role and they are not strangers to me. I’ve shared laughs and moments with them and I could not let them pass without having comfort measures and a hand to hold on to at a time when their families aren’t able to do so.