Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

Above and Beyond Nomination: “It was an extra challenging Saturday afternoon, having an urgent request for a service to start as soon as possible, from an overwhelmed family of a client, who at that time seemed like they really needed help! Out of the long list of caregivers I reached out to, considering the time and how late it was, only Gregory was able to take the task and said yes in a heartbeat! After coming out from a 12-hour shift, he drove 48 minutes to go to this client. Sadly, when he got there, the client had to be hospitalized and we weren’t informed soon enough. Despite that, he remained calm, cool, and not even a slight tone of disappointment or tiredness could be heard from his voice–even though that would mean another 48 minutes of his time to drive back! His calmness and coolness were inspiring and contagious. It made me realize that, while this task may have taken all the energy I had and may have not turned out the way we hoped it would, it was definitely worth all the effort of trying to help! Thank you, Greg.”
– RVNAhealth StayWELL Staff