Fatai, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Hometown: Stratford, CT

About yourself:  I love being a nurse. There are other things I believe I am capable of doing, but I don’t see myself enjoying those things as much as caring for people. I chose nursing because it gives me the opportunity to deal with various aspects of caring for patients and their families, building relationships and trust, empowering people with knowledge, and most especially making a difference in their lives.

I spend my free time doing photography and videography of nature. The world is beautiful and I love capturing its beauty.

How has your role or life changed with COVID-19? A pandemic was definitely one of the last things I expected. Apart from working, I am enrolled in an RN program, which is now completely online because of the pandemic. Just like everybody else, my work life has been more hectic during this period, and my daily routines have been hugely interrupted. But I understand how much health care workers’ services are needed at this time, and I know how important it is to make my own contribution. I perceive getting up to work every day as a duty I must fulfill during this period.