Melissa Woodhouse, RRT, MOT, OTR/L, CDP

After working many years as a respiratory therapist, I decided I wanted to further my career and skills in a field that allowed creativity and went beyond the acute phase. OT was the answer. One of my specialties now is working with patients who have ALS -- I can employ both my respiratory and occupational therapy skills. Continue reading

Renate Williamson, OTR

I love all challenges. They spark new and creative strategies as part of my life-long learning. My Aunt inspired me to become an Occupational Therapist at a very young age. I loved that she was able to incorporate a diverse career while helping others recover.Continue reading

Sarah Triano, OTR/L

In my role, I evaluate and devise patient-specific plans of care and meaningful goals for patients to progress back to baseline function. I treat patients with various diagnoses using creative and innovative interventions. I have a specific interest in Neurology. I was born knowing I would become an OT.Continue reading

Danielle Taibi MOTR/L, CDP

I changed careers after 10 great years in entertainment because although I was having fun, wanted to do something more meaningful. I admired my father who was a urologist and felt compelled to seek a good match in healthcare. Once I learned about OT, I never turned back.Continue reading

Theresa D. Swift, OT/L

I honestly do think I was born to be an OT. Ever since I was about five years old I knew I wanted to be a therapist. It just took me a few years to figure out what kind! I have learned much from my patients and their caregivers in my 20 years of practicing. Continue reading

Casey Savo, COTA/L

I graduated high school and was not sure what I wanted to go to college for. I was very into kids and ADHD and sensory programs. A friend of my mother’s was a speech therapist and told me I should be a COTA. So I went ahead and became one. However while in school I realized I had a real passion for geriatrics.Continue reading

Joseph Naber OTR/L

I originally went to a trade school for Architecture then decided i would major in Construction Management, once I decided what college path I would take. One day while sitting in Construction Lab I decided to take a walk and past an auditorium filled with about 150 female students and only 2 male students.Continue reading

Cassidy Lewis, COTA

I fell in love with Occupational Therapy when I worked at a behavioral school with children ages 8-14 years old and assisted the occupational therapists with their treatments and interventions. I love how OT focuses on the patient—rather than simply the diagnosis—without putting a person into a category. Continue reading

Mary Giarratano, OTR/L

I was looking for a new career—I had been a computer programmer and didn't want to continue. My requirements were: in medical field, could work anywhere in the country and wasn't nursing. I liked OT because it is holistic and has many options of work locations.Continue reading

2020 Length of Service Awards

employees to celebrate at RVNA
Every year, RVNAhealth recognizes team members who have been with the organization for denominations of five years. In 2020, we had 23 employees to celebrate – ranging from 5 year to 35 year anniversaries. Continue reading