Who’s the Baby?

The hallways of the RVNAhealth building in Ridgefield are graced with awards, press stories, posters, and photographs commemorating our 100+ years of service. Among our favorites is the image at left: RVNAhealth nurse, Claire Kirby, RN, now 93 years old, tending to a darling newborn and sharing a tip or two with the baby’s mom.  After passing this poster for the 1000th time, someone had the presence of mind to ask …. Who’s the baby?

Excellent question.

Claire Kirby, who is no long working for RVNAhealth but remains a close friend, can’t quite remember the name, but does recall that it was a Ridgefield family.  We’re guessing the photo was taken in the 1980’s/early 90s, but our detective skills are rusty.

Thus, we invite you, our friends and readers, to help us figure it out. Share the image, ask your friends, employ your favorite forensics wallpaper experts … surely somebody will know!

Tips, clues, guesses to marketing@RVNAhealth.org.

[Healthy] Happy Days are Here Again!

Last week, April 24 – 30, RVNAhealth held Healthy Happy Days, our first-ever peer fundraising initiative. We are happy to report that we exceeded our goal by more than $10,000! In total, $57,150 was raised from 192 supporters to help defray the costs of bringing the COVID-19 vaccine to our homebound neighbors, as well as to underserved communities where obstacles, such as time, transportation, information, and access, are preventing people from getting the vaccine they need—and want.

The campaign was a huge success, and we truly cannot thank our 29 peer fundraisers and donors enough for their support of RVNAhealth and our mission in public health.

Top Fundraisers (Dollars Raised)

Josh Weinshank
Lori Berisford & Elaine Cox
Tom Reynolds

Top Networkers (Donors Engaged)

Kathy Graham & Tom Reynolds
Dean Miller
Heidi Capodanno

Most Competitive (for the love of the game, and RVNAhealth!)

Kerry Anne Ducey
Marcie Coffin