Caring for a Loved One with COVID-19

This week, RVNAhealth saw an uptick in our COVID-19 home health patient population -- an increase in those who are receiving care for the virus in their private homes and anticipate a good recovery. Many of our patients have family members caring for them. This calls for a reminder of the measures we must take when we have a COVID patient at home.Continue reading

Tick Time…Be Aware and Be Prepared

A back view of a woman walking down a wooded path with her German Shepherd.
While many of us may be enjoying more of the great outdoors lately, be mindful that tick season is upon us. The CDC estimates over 300,000 people in the U.S. are infected with Lyme disease annually, with 96% of those cases concentrated in just 14 states, primarily in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Continue reading

RVNAhealth Leads the Way in Coronavirus Home Health and Hospice Care

Since Coronavirus arrived in Conncticut in early March, RVNAhealth has cared for more than 100 COVID-19 patients, accepting and caring for those from all area hospitals, facilities, and physicians and treating them through home health and hospice services. New admissions continue daily, reflecting the expanding COVID population, and are expected to continue through the next several weeks, at least. Continue reading

There’s No Crying in Hospice

This essay was written by Keri Linardi, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPCA, chief clinical officer at RVNAhealth. In her role, Linardi oversees all of RVNAhealth’s clinical service lines – home health, hospice, rehabilitation, and community health — as well as the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement teams. Continue reading

So Many Thanks

Joseph Cleary, MD, and Mary Ciarcia prepare clinician treat bags for RVNAhealth field staff.
Joseph Cleary, MD, and Mary Ciarcia prepare bags of treats and PPE from The Chefs' Warehouse for RVNAhealth field staff. Continue reading

Protect a Caregiver with PPE

In early March, many of us were unaware of the acronym PPE - for Personal Protective Equipment, the gear worn by health care workers to prevent the transmission of infection. Now, a month later, PPE is practically a household term .... and every day RVNAhealth works hard to secure this gear to protect our staff and patients. .. Continue reading