If you are in the market for a reputable team of dedicated visiting nurses and care providers for your elder family member, look no further than the professionals here at RVNAhealth.  When it comes time to choose a healthcare agency for your loved one, our team understands full well the many challenges and fears you may have.  With that said, our team of compassionate visiting nurses and care providers appreciate the concerns and many questions you and your family members may have.          

How To Find & Hire A Home Health Care Aide, Or Visiting Nurse In New Preston, Connecticut

Choosing a healthcare agency is a somewhat straightforward task that also can present with challenges for family members.  In your efforts to locate and hire a professional healthcare agency to administer all the care and needs of your loved one, it is incredibly important that you perform extensive research and due diligence.  Research results will provide pertinent data you need to make an informed decision about the care of your elder loved one.            

 When performing your due diligence give primary focus to agency references which will provide you with important data about the agency.  Data that includes agency history, reputation and credentials, customer satisfaction ratings, client reviews, and overall performance ratings, all of which will play a significant role when making your healthcare agency choice.

Arranging For Home Visits

As part of your healthcare program, you will need to schedule home visits by our healthcare providers and visiting nurses.  We know this part of the program can require a great deal of patience and certainly a big adjustment on the part of family members.  However, we want our clients to feel confident that when they choose our professionals, they are putting their confidence and trust into some of the industry’s absolute best.  We take pride in our top of the line healthcare services and in our overall customer satisfaction ratings and performance excellence.  RVNAhealth proudly serves a vast number of families in the New Preston area and have come to be recognized as one of the absolute best healthcare agencies this side of the state.           

When meeting with potential healthcare agencies always be sure to ask the right questions, keeping in mind the answers will play a significant role in your decision making.  Questions posed should reflect your current situation as well as the individual needs of your family member.  More often than not, answers received contribute greatly to the final decision made by family members.

Specific Health Care Questions

The questions you present to healthcare agencies will ultimately provide you with decision making facts.  Here at RVNAhealth we want to provide you with some important questions you may want to ask, in addition to your own personal questions.  Questions you may want to pose, could include:  

  • What specific skills does the agency’s home health caregivers have to offer?
  • Do the providers participate in continuing education courses?
  • If the patient isn’t happy with their assigned provider, can they ask for a replacement caregiver?
  • What metrics are used to monitor the patient’s care and medical progress?
  • Are the patient’s medications reviewed during the course of treatment?
  • On what basis is a treatment plan created?
  • How often are treatment plans reassessed?
  • Are the health care wishes of the patient included and respected?
  • Are the home health providers licensed and insured?
  • What specific services are provided beyond in-home treatment?

Connecticut Insurance And Billing Questions

Medicare pays for in-home health care for a short period of time. Typically, private insurance fills in any gaps that medicare won’t cover. Also, private insurance can pay for care that goes past the period of time that medicare covers.

With this said, it’s important to ensure that one’s insurance plan is accepted. If the provider bills the insurance company directly, this should be noted as well.

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    When it comes time to locate and hire a professional healthcare team for your loved one, be sure to look to the professionals here at RVNAhealth.  Our team takes pride in our high-quality healthcare services and in our dedicated team of compassionate visiting nurses and healthcare specialists.  We stand ready to meet all your needs in New Preston including, but not limited to laundry services, light housekeeping services, medical care, companionship and rehabilitation therapy.  Don’t delay.  The proper care of your loved one is only a phone call away.  Contact one of our team today!