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RVNAhealth has been recognized as one of the top home health care service providers across more than 30 Connecticut towns. For more than 100 years, our team has been dedicated to providing the highest quality health care services to our New Milford patients. Our premier in-home services play a significant role in the road to recovery for those individuals recuperating from a variety of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. No matter what type of illness, injury, or surgery, you are recovering from, RVNAhealth has you covered.

The professionals at RVNAhealth are trained and equipped to meet all your home and health care needs regardless of the challenges you may be faced with today.

When do I need Home Health Care?

Our New Milford patients can rely on the specialists at RVNAhealth to assist them with the management of short or long-term conditions. In addition, patients in need of direction and assistance in achieving their personal and professional independence goals also find comfort in our dedicated team.

Why RVNAhealth?

Health and wellness are our business. At RVNAhealth, our award-winning team of specialists is steadfast in maintaining our outstanding industry recognition by continuing to provide the highest level of home and health care services to our valued patients. We are focused on community care and take pride in being recognized as one of the most trusted home care and healthcare service providers in the New Milford area.

Our approach is comprehensive. Our comprehensive approach to home health care is a testament to our reputation and the excellence of our team of certified specialists. We help each of our patients to experience the transition across varying levels of recovery both easily.

Our team is unparalleled. With a simple mission statement, we at RVNAhealth remain committed to the development of a highly visible and respected team of professionals whose focus is that of the health and well-being of our New Milford patients. Our staff is steadfast in our commitment and determination to hire, train, and manage the best candidates in the healthcare field. The specialists we bring on board are trained to deliver the highest quality home and health care services to our New Milford patients.

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    What Kind of Home Health Services Does RVNAhealth Offer?

    Patients who are recovering from surgeries, illnesses, injuries, or other chronic conditions in the comfort of their homes put their trust into the hands of our dedicated health care providers and effective home care services.

    RVNAhealth free blood pressure screenings, fairfield county, ct

    Skilled Nursing

    Our skilled nursing staff strive to assist patients on their road to recovery. We stand ready to help our New Milford patients get their lives back on track and provide them with a better quality of life. The nursing staff begins by performing an initial patient evaluation and then follows up by gathering important information from each patient that will assist in the design of their personalized treatment plan. Treatment plans are specific to the individual needs of our patients and can include treatment options such as wound care, intravenous (IV) needs, medication facilitation, and the short or long-term monitoring and management of chronic diseases.

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is an important element of any recovery or recuperation phase. The highly experienced team of physical therapists at RVNAhealth gives focus to helping our New Milford patients find a safe and effective path to recovery. Equipped to diagnose conditions and provide appropriate treatment options for a number of conditions and injuries, the physical therapists at RVNAhealth are among the best in the industry. The many challenges presented by various conditions, illnesses, surgeries, and injuries typically force patients to experience and endure chronic pain, restrictions of movement, limitations in range of motion, or a reduced quality of life. All of these challenges are met by our physical therapists who are committed to improving the quality of life for our patients.

    RVNAhealth Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    The occupational therapy prescribed by the specialists at RVNAhealth range from cognitive support to individual skill development and enhancement. Our patients are always our number one priority, which is why we are diligent in our commitment and dedication to make a difference in their lives. What is important to our patients is important to us as well. The comprehensive treatment approach used by our occupational therapists along with the ability to leverage interventions enables our New Milford patients to enjoy a happier, healthier, and restored lifestyle.

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    Speech Therapy

    Our patients who have been struggling with challenges presented by diseases like Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and stroke recovery can all benefit from our speech therapy sessions. We offer cognitive training and speech language retraining at various levels to based upon their individual needs.

    RVNAhealth home health caregiver

    Supplemental Care

    Further to the wide range of in-home health care services we provide, we take pride in our top-rated team of dedicated specialists and professionals. Complementing our team are a number of certified nursing aides (CNAs), medical nutritionists, and social workers who are trained to provide supplemental care to patients of all ages. They use a comprehensive approach to a variety of different services which include, but are not limited to, dietary needs, family system support, independent living, and wellness goals.

    Fall Prevention

    At RVNAhealth, we offer a unique strength and balance retraining program called Otago which is specific to fall prevention. The program helps our New Milford patients reduce the risk of falls and other related injuries by targeting muscle strength and balance as well reaction time and flexibility. Once new patients successfully complete an initial balance assessment, they are prescribed a personally designed treatment plan that is tailored to their individual health needs and functioning levels.

    The team was A++++. My husband had the honor of being serviced by some of your most special staff. They were caring, compassionate and understanding through each step of my husband’s dreadful MSA disease. Special recognition to Trisha Brody, Katie Moser, Nery Barrign, Gene Valemonte, and Roslyn (RN) and D— (aide) and Cheryl (speech) and Cindy (SW). Thank you.
    Caryn F.
    Danbury, CT

    How Do I Start Services or Get More Information?

    To learn more about our dedicated team, our comprehensive approach to treatment, and our personalized care and treatment plans, contact us at (203) 438-5555 x2. If you’d like to request services or schedule a consultation, call the above number or send an email to intake@RVNAhealth.com or fill out the form below. The team at RVNAhealth has enjoyed helping our many patients get their lives back on track and be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

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