Employee Appreciation Day 2021

An expansion? Renovation? A bouncy house? A wedding?

No! It was Employee Appreciation Day at RVNAhealth on Friday March 5, 2021 and all team members were invited to the Ridgefield and New Milford offices for lunch at a midday food truck, featuring the finest of those all-times favorites, pizza and grilled cheese. Bailey’s Backyard was onsite in Ridgefield and Crispy Melty served up sandwiches in New Milford.

It was a special treat on a special day and thank you to Kelly Klein, Erica Elmslie, and our fantastic HR team, who planned and hosted the celebration. The annual day of employee recognition is especially notable this year as it marks RVNAhealth’s first year as a merged organization with a larger, more expansive team and a whole lot of new colleagues to celebrate with.

Enjoy a few photos from the occasion and, if you haven’t already, definitely view our First-Ever Employee Appreciation Day Video, featuring RVNAhealth colleagues sharing their out-of-the-office selves. What a talented bunch we are! 🙂

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