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Here at RVNAhealth, our highly reputable team of hospice care specialists has been providing only the highest quality hospice care services in Danbury and across more than 30 Connecticut towns for over 100 years. Our professionals are dedicated to providing needed hospice services to patients in Danbury, wherever they call home. Having earned ourselves a spot on the marketplace charts as one of the best all-around hospice care providers, our team continuously moves forward with our performance excellence and overall satisfaction rating. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to hospice care, contributing to our ever-growing presence in the community and medical field.

A Beautiful End Begins with RVNAhealth

When a person and their family are confronted with a terminal diagnosis, which requires them to seek out quality hospice care, turning to the professionals here at RVNAhealth ensures that you will all be able to embrace a welcoming quality of life when all curative measures are exhausted. Patients and families can take comfort in the compassionate team here at RVNAhealth and our comprehensive approach to care.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care, recognized by many as an end-of-life care philosophy, focuses on the patient’s quality of life when continued curative treatment and measures are no longer an option.*

The term hospice originates from the Latin word ‘hospis,’ or shelter. The clinic here at RVNAhealth has become a preferred regional hospice resource in the Danbury area and many of the surrounding towns. We shelter patients and their families through a comprehensive transition from one phase of life to another that is every bit compassionate and comforting. Our highly experienced team of hospice care specialists provides needed hospice care to patients in the privacy of their homes or in skilled nursing homes or assisted living facilities they may call home.

How Long is Hospice Care?

When continuous curative treatment options and measures have been fully exhausted, rest assured the team of compassionate professionals here at RVNAhealth stands ready to provide the highest quality hospice care to those patients in Danbury. They have a life expectancy of six months. There are instances where we provide our same quality hospice services to patients who have either less than or more than a 6-month lifespan ahead of them, allowing them to share in the many benefits as well. The hospice care services we provide patients offer needed support to patients and their families and provide individuals with a calming sense and unique beauty to their end of life.

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    What Does Hospice Include?

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    Clinical Care

    The highly skilled clinical team here at RVNAhealth consists of a number of medical directors, nurses, and certified nursing assistants. All of them take pride in providing high quality care to our Danbury patients wherever they call home. We are committed to not only creating but managing a customized end of life care plan for every patient that is based solely upon their personal needs as well as the overall priorities of the patient. The personalized care plan is specifically designed to optimize the individual patient’s quality of life.

    Symptom Management/Palliative Care

    At RVNAhealth, our team of hospice care specialists also provides palliative care to our many Danbury patients. Palliative care plays an essential role in hospice care and is designed to manage patient symptoms to reduce discomfort. We strive to provide patients with the optimal care they need and to ensure the patient’s quality of life in the end.

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    Social and Spiritual Support

    Our mission statement here at RVNAhealth is simple in that we are committed to caring for ALL of you and not just the physical you. Our team of skilled social workers focuses on navigating both patients and their families through each of the complex stages of the process, which includes both social and emotional complexities. We also provide multi-denominational pastoral support to our Danbury clients who have spiritual needs that require attention.

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    Supplemental Services

    Here at RVNAhealth, we offer a lineup of supplemental hospice care services to our patients in Danbury, including music therapy, volunteer support, durable medical equipment, access to advanced planning resources, and family bereavement support.

    RVNAhealth…We Care for you Through the End.

    *Patients ages 18 and under are eligible for concurrent hospice care and curative treatments.

    When do I need RVNAhealth Hospice Care?

    At RVNAhealth, our professional team of hospice care specialists understands and appreciates the emotions that individuals experience at such a fearful time in their lives. We take pride in being a compassionate hospice partner to our many Danbury patients and their families. Certain eligibility requirements must be addressed by a physician before a patient is referred to us for hospice care and services.

    Why RVNAhealth?

    Our approach — professional and personal. The highly compassionate team of professionals here at our RVNAhealth clinic not only possesses the highest levels of professionalism but is steadfast in their personal approach to caring for our Danbury patients. We understand and listen to the concerns and fears of our patients and their families and stand ready to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.

    Your health and wellness are our business. Caring for those in the Danbury community is our business. For over 100 years, the team here at RVNAhealth has delivered special care and treatment that focuses on our patients’ health and wellness.

    Our approach is comprehensive. The health specialists here at RVNAhealth have a thorough comprehension of the fact that hospice needs are fluid. We provide a specialized umbrella of in-house hospice resources that focus on patients’ overall care and contribute to a near to seamless transition.

    How do I Start Services?

    To learn more about our hospice services or to request services for a loved one, reach out to our team with any one of the options below:

    Fill out the form, and one of our RVNAhealth representatives will contact you;
    Email your questions and individual needs to intake@RVNAhealth.com; or
    Call the team here at RVNAhealth at (203) 438-5555.

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