It is common knowledge that as the Baby Boomer population continues to ascend into their elderly years, their family members will be forced to make crucial decisions on their behalf. Decisions that will usually concern health care, such as finding the means to fulfill their in-home health care needs.

How To Find & Hire A Home Health Care Aide, Or Visiting Nurse In Bridgewater, Connecticut

In-home health care is needed for the following reasons:

  1. The patient requires continuous care for a chronic health condition
  2. The patient requires post-operative care
  3. The patient is recovering from an injury
  4. The patient is recovering from an illness

In every case, concerned family members who have power of attorney over their loved one’s health care needs will have to begin the process of selecting an appropriate health care company:

Setting Up For Home Visits

When you’re beginning the process of selecting an in-home health care agency, there are quite a few things to be mindful of during the screening process. First, it is a good idea to screen multiple agencies at the same time. Doing this saves time and helps to immerse yourself in the process.

And another important thing to keep in mind is the fact that you should never settle for the first agency that you interview, or even one that you’re not 100% satisfied with. The agency you select should fit the needs of your family and the patient.

It’s not easy finding an agency that’s the best fit on all levels but it is a worthy goal to strive for. To make sure you’re selecting the right one you should screen each agency carefully. If anything you don’t like pops up then make sure you take note of them and let it influence your decision.

Specific Health Care Questions

The following are the type of questions that in-home health care screeners should ask about specific care, and in-home health care provider protocol:

  • What specific skills does the agency’s home health providers have to offer?
  • Do the providers participate in continuing education courses?
  • If the patient isn’t happy with their assigned provider, can they ask for a replacement provider?
  • Are the patient’s medications reviewed during the course of treatment?
  • On what basis is a treatment plan created?
  • How often are treatment plans reassessed?
  • What specific services are provide beyond in-home treatment?

Connecticut Insurance And Billing Questions

Medicare pays for in-home health care for a small period of time. Typically, private insurance will fill in any gaps that medicare does not cover. Also, private insurance can pay for care that goes past the period of time which medicare covers.

With all of this said, it’s important to ensure that your insurance plan is accepted. If the provider bills the insurance company directly, it is important to take note of this as well.

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